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This Nia class is so invigorating and fun  - the combination of the lively music selection and Brigita's positive energy keeps me going back for more.  It's a wonderful way to keep fit while having a good time & meeting some new friends. 


~ Gabriella

Kirstie has great energy and is full of life. I enjoy her guiding me through dance with her great imagination and knowledge of the body

 ~ Rachelle 

I cannot begin to express how intelligent, intuitive, compassionate and insightful Brigita is as a Nia instructor, as an intuitive healer and as an amazing human being. 


When I attended my first Nia class, my mind, body and soul were disconnected and lost. I was in a car accident several months prior and suffered a concussion as a result. This was my fourth concussion and my recovery through months of intensive conventional medicine had been unsuccessful up to this point. 


Brigita, however, changed all of that. Through her expertise in leading the Nia class and through her hands on intuitive healing, she reassembled the pieces of my being and re-connected me to the source of all things in ways conventional medicine had been unable to do. 


During subsequent Nia classes, Brigita’s healing abilities continue to support and strengthen not only my own recovery but also the recovery of all who attend her classes. She creates a safe space where people are free to reconnect with their own mind, body, soul, spirit and emotions. Her intuitive and empathetic nature allow her to symbiotically respond to the needs of those who attend her classes. Both before and after class, she listens with a kind, non-judgemental, empathetic ear to those around her and offers advice and strength when needed. 


She has been a blessing to many people and I am so very fortunate to know her. She has healed me and changed my life for the better and the world definitely needs more of this kind of energy. 


With heartfelt sincerity and wishes of peace. 

 ~ Cynthia

I loved everything about the workshop with Kirstie. It offered an opportunity to unleash energy and settle into my own space: physical, mental, spiritual. It gave me permission to just be!

 ~ Gratiana

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