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Master Calm with Phil Gorman

Phil and I (Kirstie) have known each other for many years and we met through his delightful wife, Jules, dancing through life in Kitchener, Ontario. Both are incredible healers in their own right, and now Phil has created this fantastic digital book designed to empower you to take charge of your own inner peace and calm, without having to give away tons of money in therapy, or, more importantly, your power to someone else, to "fix" you. Phil has a strong focus with somatic (body-focused) awareness, leaning into physical sensations to guide your exploration. You'll learn that you are able to improve your mood, relax your body and quiet your mind in mere minutes!

Here at Southampton Eco-Living, we are committed to reminding you that YOU have the power to heal yourself. No one else can do this for you. It's your responsibility in this life. Choosing to take guidance from others is part of the process to be sure, and we certainly hope, if you feel you need some guidance with mastering calmness and connecting with your deep inner resources of peace, that you'll consider taking a look at what Phil has created here. Click the link below and find your way towards managing stress and avoiding burnout!

Master Calm with Phil Gorman

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