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John Smallman's Blog

John Smallman is my dad! He's been channelling since 1995, despite all kinds of feelings of skepticism and imposter syndrome! It seems a strong ancestral theme of divinity and all things spiritual runs way back in my family, and myself, my dad and late mum are no exception!

John channels a spiritual guide named Saul, as well as Jesus. You can connect to each of those blogs by clicking their names above, which are linked text. I'll also mention, for your ease and listening pleasure, that John also READS each blog post and includes the audio link at the top of each post. He has a beautiful reading voice, in a clear English accent, and I know I find being able to listen while pottering and doing other things a real luxury :-)

John also offers distant energy healings which I have received many times over the years, for anything from feeling emotionally overwhelmed by Life, to struggling with a migraine. I can attest to the soothing serenity of the experience, almost like the energy I receive helps stabilize my own connection to Source, bringing in what I need for myself in that moment. During times of vulnerability, having someone to lean on energetically, who can hold the door open to Source energy, as it were, is a real gift and useful resource these days.

I shall use John's own words to describe what to expect from his channellings:

"I have been taking dictation from my friend Saul since 1995. He is a spiritual entity whose messages over the years have been inspiring and uplifting for me. In them he refers frequently to “Full Consciousness”, and below you will find his definition of this phrase. Now seems to be a very good time to start sharing these messages via a blog. I hope you find them of value."

Use the links below to read and listen to more!

Saul - Our Spiritual Destination

Jesus - Guidance from an elder brother

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