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I don't have time...

(If you don't have time to read this, click here to hear me read it to you)

It's just been Canadian Thanksgiving and I have SO much to be grateful for. . . a huge element (apart from those nearest and dearest humans) in my life is my movement practise, Nia.

This quotation is me playing a bit of "hard ball" with you... the excuse of "I don't have time," is the biggest lie we tell ourselves - it's a limiting belief, in fact.

When I came across this quotation, it rang so true for me like a hot knife cutting through butter - not the cold knife that we really have to muscle through that butter brick, and then there is butter stuck to the knife and not to what you want the butter to stick to - this was the PING of clarity with nothing sticky or awkward about it!

We can never "have time" as it isn't tangible or real in a physical sense. But we can organize ourselves into action based on our current priorities. Right? Right.

So for me, I have organized myself into action everyday at about 10am to do the 1-ish hour movement practice of Nia - no matter what. Because my whole-being NEEDS this, just as much as breathing (well sometimes it feels that way!).

But it wasn't easy. Even with Brigita as my buddy for this, I had to really push myself to "make the time" or make it my priority for several weeks before the routine-feeling of it kicked in and I generated a natural rhythm and momentum that keeps this daily practice going.

Before I applied my focus and intention to this daily movement practice, I used it for changing some major components in my eating habits; before that I used it for a meditation practice; before that I used it for integrating personal development work... and on and on.

In each situation I had to muster up my energy and exert significant effort to PRIORITIZE my wellbeing to make lasting and positive changes in my life. Now I know I can do anything I set my focus and intent on. But first. I MUST make it my priority, or it won't happen.

Challenge yourselves. When you say, I don't have time... change it to, This isn't a priority. And if it refers to something you really do not care about, great. You just got more clarity about what you truly value.


If changing the wording makes you feel grumpy, guilty, ashamed, or it stings somehow... dig a little deeper and find out why. That is part of yourself (your soul, your angels, etc) letting you know you may be abandoning part of yourself for some reason. Don't get too hung up on what the reason is - just recognize it's blocking you, and it is your decision to walk around that and find another way to your desired outcome.

Please give me thoughts and feedback in the comments! Sharing is a huge part of developing that motivation and personal momentum towards change!

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