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Godbox Cafe with Brigita

Sofia Stargate speaks with Brigita for the commencement of 2022, with an electrifying interview - 'Celebrating the Body Electric.'

Sometimes it is our friends who see us most clearly. Cynthia offers a tantalizing review of the recent interview, and we shall share it here to draw you in a little... and who knows, maybe you'll even click over to listen to it!

"Good morning beautiful Brigita,

I was able to listen to your interview and I am thrilled that I will be able to listen to it whenever I need your inspiration or whenever I just want to hear your lovely voice.

Wow! You are incredible! You explain yourself and your perspectives and your situation with such heartfelt passion and truth. I started to write down certain things you said to include in my email and then I realized I might as well just resend you the whole interview because everything you said was brilliant. The part when you spoke about our ancestors and ancestral trauma… The part when you spoke about how we are lazy as humans and it takes a crisis to make us change… So much wisdom and so much insight.

It takes courage to process events that we go through and even more courage to risk sharing them for the betterment of others. Bless you for doing just that. Bless you for being a courageous light in a dark world. I know of your greatness firsthand and your healing abilities and now you are available to the world. Bless you for making the world a better place.

I can tell the interviewer loved your dance class. You could hear the joy and usefulness in her voice when she was explaining how much fun she had and how the experience really changed her life. I know the power of your dance classes and I am so grateful others do as well.

Enjoy the refreshing chilliness of this day and shine on my beautiful friend.

Love Cynthia"

Let us know what YOU thought - share in the comments section below, or send us a personal message. Click HERE to listen.

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