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Gil Hedley - Dedicated to Exploring Inner Space

Gil Hedley, PhD, author and fascia expert, is the founder of Somanautics Workshops, Inc., providing professional continuing education to both physicians and allied health professionals. In addition to teaching his Six-Day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Workshops in the United States and abroad, Gil is also the producer of The Integral Anatomy series, four full-length DVDs that document his unique vision of the human body through on-camera dissection of the whole body layer by layer. He is the author of Reconceiving My Body, which explores how transformed perspectives can alter our embodied experience. You can check out more of Gil's offerings and education from his own website:

This is a dynamic interview-chat between Gil and Rachel (a yoga instructor) about what Integral Anatomy is. We are sharing this here to give you a feel for Gil's playful and extremely engaging style of education. His descriptions about the body have and continue to inform the way we love, heal and honour The Body's Way here at Southampton Eco-Living!

Here is Gil's YouTube Channel: Somanaut. You will find many pithy and informative videos about the body that anyone can understand, and that can offer personal guidance to your own physical goals and healing needs.

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