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Debbie Rosas & Nia (Now I Am...)

Debbie Rosas is the founder and co-creator of Nia. Dedicated lifelong to self-healing and self-mastery, Debbie has been a pioneer in the body-mind fitness industry since 1976. Credited with establishing the mind-body fitness category, she is a leading fitness innovator, teacher, author, choreographer, performer, healer, and artist whose work greatly influences the lives of thousands of women and men worldwide. As a Somatic Fitness expert Debbie Rosas shares her passion for health and wellness and the joy of movement through trainings, workshops and programs online and around the world.

Nia - A Movement-Art :: Movement as Medicine :: Movement Therapy

At our Vitality Centre we have a daily practice which can be considered a linchpin for the rest of what we do, and it is largely influenced by Nia. Why do we have a movement practice as the focus-point? Simply put: movement is the main design of the human body. If we do not move, our health and wellbeing suffers.

We love Debbie and the vision she holds and shares for health and holistic fitness. We would love you to check out some of Debbie's incredible writing on her own blog. "I’d like to share with you the Art of Sensation, a guide to creating health and vitality by moving your body..."

We'd also love you to read a little bit more about what Nia is and explore for yourself, this rich and diverse movement practice, and see what it has to offer you. "More than just a workout, Nia fills a void where other traditional fitness programs fall short. A powerful fusion of dance, martial arts, and mindfulness practices, Nia is a holistic movement & wellness practice..."

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