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A plea for help for a devastated community

Simon Borg-Olivier is a gifted physiotherapist-movement-medicine expert who we LOVE and learn from, and who lives in Northern New South Wales, Australia, where there has been very, very bad flooding and devastation. He recently sent out this email to his community for help, and we feel compelled to share it here with you to spread the word for any form of help you can manage. See his message below and contribute and participate as you are able.

Community isn't a static thing; it is dynamic action.

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well, at least mentally, in such troubling times all over the world.

I’m asking for help for the community adjacent to mine, which was shattered by the last couple of weeks’ devastating storms, floods, and landslides.

I’m about to premiere on my YouTube channel an edited, zoomed-in, high-quality version of the 100-minute live class, which I have just presented online.

The YouTube premiere of my class of “12 Meditative 5-Dimensional Flow Sequences” will be at 7 pm (Sydney Time) on Sunday, March 13 2022, on my YouTube channel.

My class consists of 12 meditative, accessible, effective, fluid spinal movements to reset the nervous system and gently give you energy.

In the first part of my session, I will give a verbally instructed class. I will explain how to reset your nervous system to a place of internal energy, peace, and calmness.

In the second half of the class, I will use visual instructions only to lead you through a meditative practice of 12 spinal movement sequences. This safe, straightforward, and gentle practice can help relieve joint pain, calm your mind, improve your immune system, and give you lots of energy.

I am teaching this class for two main reasons.

Firstly, give a type of trauma relief to those adversely affected in my community, in the rest of flood-ridden Australia, and other parts of the world by disasters, war, poverty, and injustice.

Secondly, I want to raise funds to help those who have lost everything in the regions near me. Therefore, I am asking for financial donations from anyone who can afford it. The donation link is below.

It would be great to share this email and invite your friends to the premiere of my YouTube class.

I’m hoping that at least some people will respond to my request to donate funds to the thousands of people who have lost everything they own. Most of these people do not have insurance, and most people will get little to no government help.

Many bridges and roads are destroyed or impassible. Much of the community infrastructure was destroyed. Many people are still stranded or trapped with no supplies, and quite a few have already lost their lives.

One of my dear friends in Wilson’s Creek was tragically crushed to death when a massive mountain landslide engulfed her house with her in it a few days ago.It’s been a terrible time for so many, and I was hoping to invite people worldwide to donate something if they can.

If you are unable to donate anything, then I understand. I am well aware that many people have financial issues at this time. In such cases, all I ask is that you use your meditation to send some love and good thoughts to people in need.

If anyone wants to donate to the fund I have organised for my neighbouring community, please go to this DISASTER RELIEF FUND and give what you can.

I will ensure these funds go directly to our local community to help rebuild community infrastructure and people’s lives. And I will let you know where the money donated is being used.

The rain has not stopped in many places-it has been months of almost non-stop deluge!

Much love and thanks to you all. Please share this link with anyone you wish.


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