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Experience Holistic Lifestyle Design

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Empowerment Coaching at our Vitality Centre


Step One

Simply fill out the contact form below or at our Contact page, letting us know you are interested in empowerment coaching with us. Feel free to include anything specific you want us to know.


Step Two

Within two business days we'll reach out to schedule a Zoom chat. You will receive a questionnaire from us to guide our conversation in our first meeting. Please give yourself some time to go deep with these questions.


Step Three

We have our meeting (via Zoom). This chat will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get more familiar with our offerings, while we learn more about how we can empower YOU.


Step Four

We design an individualized program for you, based on what your needs and current priorities are. Each program will be unique as we utilize the Principle of Human Uniqueness! 

What is 'Holistic Lifestyle Design'?

This is an approach to living where the focus is to experience overall vitality and joy with the intention to empower yourself. This includes every area of your life, from what you put in your mouth, to how you move, to how you think and feel, to what you listen to, and how you relate to others around you. 

Our Body is so complex and has an infinite Intelligence unique only to You. We all have different nervous system wiring, different digestive - circulatory - lymphatic - endocrine - skeletal - muscular - fascial systems. There are different blood types, fat cell distribution, genetics, ancestral heritage, and so on. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all remedy when looking at life like this. Diversity is a sacred gift, and looking at your life from this holistic perspective, allows you to create, design and continuously tweak for adjustments so you can sense true vitality and Universal Joy everyday.

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Interested in Coaching?

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