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Southampton Eco-Living


Growing up with a pilot as a father I lived in many places around the globe. We moved around quite a bit, but it provided a gift to me unlike any other. I was able to experience different cultures and views at a very young age. This set me on a path to learn about others and use this information to bring balance to people’s lives. 

One cannot hope for self-improvement until one learns the identity of their true self, or their “REAL”. This is the core of my understanding and the “emBODYment” of all the training I have. It is why I continue to find new ways to express my “REAL”. As I align more and more closely with my “REAL”, I am constantly learning more about myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Through my life travels, I have studied dance and movement.


Having lived in deserts, mountains, and tropics I have experienced many different forms of self-expression through dance, lifestyle practices, world views, and cultures. Over the last 21 years, I have studied Nia, a fusion exercise technique and lifestyle, and I have facilitated movement/meditation classes for the last 11. Recently, I have focused my energy on the personal development of my clients. The goal is to use the “stop-delete-cancel” method to replace the mind’s limiting thoughts with those which allow the mind to expand and grow. This combined with daily healing movement creates a deeply effective methodology for transforming your life into a joyous celebration for most days during any given week!


One of my favorite quotes was said by American dancer and choreographer, Martha Graham. “Dance is the hidden language of the soul,” therefore making time for dancing is allowing time for your soul to communicate. She understood there was some correlation between spirituality, mental and emotional well-being, and physical wellness. Understanding this connection is the inspiration behind Southampton Eco-living.


  • BA Philosophy & Education.

  • Montessori Educator. 

  • GuiDANCE. 

  • Nia®: White & Blue Belt, Move2Heal, MoveIT. 

  • Ageless Grace®.

  • Personal Awareness Guide. 

  • Chakradance™. 

  • Meditating Munchkins™.



I was born in Latvia in 1961, and I came to Canada when I was 28. I was fortunate to have a diversified upbringing between the capital of Latvia, Riga and my grandparents farm. My grandparents blessed me with the wisdom of my ancestors, and showed me how we are all connected to the earth. This included taking care of farm animals, foraging, and attending to the fields and gardens. So, whether I was seeding or harvesting I have always had a respect for Mother nature and the bounty she has provided to us. This knowledge and wisdom of my ancestors is the Magic that I am able to share with others today.


As an Ambassador for the body, I believe that movement medicine, energy medicine, and treating food as medicine allows individuals to take responsibility for their bodies and treat it as a temple.


I dance with my thoughts, emotions, and sensations on this Life journey. I choose my Dance partners wisely, I create a healing environment around me, I choose the community that empowers me! It is the dance of balance and constant change that brings the best out of me! As I walk my talk to the best of my ability, I inspire others to do the same! I listen to my body (my oldest friend and teacher), and I learn from the infinite wisdom that it possesses!


  • Sheridan Yoga Teacher Certification in 2003

  • Advanced Yoga Studies Certification with Donna Farhi in 2003

  • Reconnective Healing Level I, II and III in 2005

  • USUI SHIKI RYOHO 1st degree Reiki in 2005

  • Crystalline III Degree Master Reiki Practitioner in 2006

  • PureMotion - Body Mind Movement Education Certificate 2007

  • Master of Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analyses and

  • Psychosomatic Therapy in 2008

  • Nia Technique (Healing through movement) Brown Belt 2008

  • Myofascial Release (it’s all about the Connections) Certificate in 2010

  • Level II Advanced Raw Chef Certification at Creative Health

Institute in 2011

  • Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food Certification Program in 2011


Empowerment Through Uniqueness

We observe Nature to embody Her wisdom about how we can live with this beautiful planet. Everything is cyclical and everything changes, therefore, so do we. “Dis-ease” and/or pain arise when we resist the natural urge to shift and change. If stagnation becomes the norm, movement stops, and then, so does life - think of the blood in your veins. Constant movement connects us to the feeling of aliveness; currents flow within us simultaneously as we externally navigate the currents in our lives.


We are as unique as snowflakes! We have a responsibility to learn about our uniqueness. Our Body is complex and has an infinite Intelligence unique to You. We all have some differences from our Nervous and Digestive systems to our different blood types and genetics passed down from our parents. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all remedy when observing life in this way. Uniqueness is a sacred gift.

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